As a photojournalist for my entire adult life, I have covered everything from protests to presidential elections, from the lifestyles of billionaires to the plight of the homeless, from basketball games to Bono. But the photos most precious to me are those of my family, my wife and our two beautiful daughters. Those are the memories I truly treasure, and I know the importance of capturing moments in time, fleeting glimpses saved for posterity. I know the power of photography. That¹s why some of my most gratifying professional memories are sitting with a couple as they examine the photos of their wedding day. Their laughter and sentimental tears let me know I successfully captured the spirit of their special day, a time forever woven into the tapestry of their lives. 

My passion for photography took me from my childhood home in Sumner, Washington to the University of Missouri, where I earned a degree in journalism, to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, where I spent 14 years as an award-winning photojournalist. That experience honed my ability to capture life as it happens, not a life that¹s posed and staged. This is your life. These are your memories. Handle them with care.