SERVICES: Photo Booth


Photo Booth Rental 

Please consider booking Red Box Picture’s Photo Booth for your next event! This service allows your guests to take fun self-portraits. Photos are posted online immediately after the event. Watch this VIDEO to see our booth in action at the 2011 GeekWire Gala. Please scroll down to see FAQ and additional information posted below the video. 


Why a photo booth? Allowing guests to take self portraits results in more spontaneous, and memorable photos compared to “grip and grin” shots taken by a roving photographer. Guests can come take as many pictures as they would like. 

Is it really a booth? Our set up actually isn’t a true booth. The camera and monitor are free standing on a pedestal, and subjects are photographed on a backdrop which is open for viewing. This set-up allows for larger groups to be photographed. The space needed for the set-up is 9×9 feet. The system has a studio flash, so room lighting isn’t an issue. 

How does it work? A small foot pedal activates the camera. Press down – have fun. 

Why don’t you print pictures on site? We want guests to have fun, and enjoy the event. Printing takes time, and we don’t want event attendees distracted by waiting to retrieve their print. We also want guests to make as many pictures as they like. There may be over 1000 pictures from the event. Guests can choose the images they want online. 

Will there be an attendant on site? Yes, we take care of all set-up and a representative will be the booth through the event to answer questions and make sure everything is operating correctly. 

How do I book? Please contact using the via the menu link at left for rates and scheduling. We look forward to working with you!